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Wednesday, July 16

Olive Oil... Did You Know?

I have always been someone who loves random facts. I guess that’s why I’m usually pretty good with Trivia. One thing I find particularly enjoyable is discovering alternative uses of common household items. Seriously, I really do like learning about other ways to use things I generally have around the house already. Now, here is my disclaimer. I don’t always take advantage of all the alternative uses for something, because frankly, I often forget. Regardless of the frequency in which I use, or don’t use, the alternatives, I’d like to bring attention to some of the more useful items, on a per item basis. This post offers a simple (and incomplete) list of the different uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I hope you find them interesting and useful around your house!

~ It can be used as a make-up remover.
~ It can be mixed with salt or sugar to exfoliate hands and face.
~ It can be used in place of shaving cream or oil.
~ It can be used for cuticles and manicures
~ It can be used on chapped lips, to soften and moisturize.

~ It can be used to de-squeak hinges.
~ It can be used to clean and shine stainless steel, but you’ll want to use sparingly.
~ It can slow tarnishing of copper or brass by applying after a good cleaning.
~ It can un-jam zippers (use a cotton swab to apply)
~ It can be used for treating garden tools to prevent dirt buildup and rusting.

~ It can be used to sooth a tickled throat and might prevent some snoring.
~ It can help to ease earaches and remove earwax by application with a cotton swab.
~ It can cure diaper rash – just apply to baby’s bottom.
~ It can treat dry, cracked heels, leaving them soft and smooth.

~ It can be used to treat lice – apply to hair, leave on at least 40 minutes, wash hair twice and apply a preventative.


Joanne Sher said...

No - I didn't! Is this only EVOO, or can I use your standard variety too? Curious how many of these you HAVE actually tried. Thanks for the tips - may just have to try a couple.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Know first-hand about the lice treatment.(remember my challenge entry on it?) Yikes! This is very interesting info!!! ;)

Peculiar said...

Wow! I'm finding, the more I read your posts, that we are a lot alike. How neat!! My kids call me the "Useless Information" tank. I do well with trivia too. I can remember things and details about things that I would have read about or saw somewhere a long, long time ago. I have no idea why things like that stick in my brain. They're rarely of any significance, but when they are, people are shocked that I would know the answer to something so unusual.

Thanks for the info. on olive oil. I really like olive oil for cooking and cosmetic purposes. I have used it for cuticle oil before.