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Tuesday, July 29

FaithWriters and Cell Phones

My plan for today’s post was to talk about a particular organization that I support. But then I was reminded of another organization that is near and dear to my heart. So, I’ve decided to talk about both of them. The two organizations that I would like to draw attention to are FaithWriters and Cell Phones for Soldiers.

FaithWriters is a fantastic website, created by Scott Lindsay, that is a place for Christian writers of all levels and genre’s to come together and share their writing. There is a wonderful community of like-minded people that mentor, encourage and share information, from all over the world. There is a Weekly Writing Challenge, which is a lot of fun, but it also helps a writer to grow via the comments that are given. The online forum is truly like a family to many of the members. Besides the Writing Challenge, there is an area for regular article submission, with topics ranging from Christian Living to Politics, from Poetry to Devotionals, from Marriage to Fiction and anything in between.

There really are too many features and benefits to try and list them all here, but if you enjoy writing, regardless of where you may be on your writing journey, I encourage you to check out FaithWriters. There are two types of membership – free and an upgraded FaithWriters 500 membership which is a mere $10 per month (and I assure you, what you get out of it is worth far more than what you pay). Either type of membership will bless you though, and you’ll be accepted and encouraged wherever you may be as a writer. You may even find, like I did, a safe place to grow and call home. To visit FaithWriters, go to or simply click here.

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a wonderful, non-profit organization that provides pre-paid calling cards to our military men and women who are serving overseas, to be able to call home to the U.S. for free. So where do the cell phones come in? Most of us tend to change our cell phones somewhat often and we’re left wondering what to do with our previous, no longer any use to us, phone. In fact, it is estimated that Americans will replace roughly 130 million cell phones this year, with the majority of the phones that are being replaced either thrown away, or stuffed in a drawer. Cell Phones for Soldiers collect’s and recycles cell phones for cash to turn into pre-paid calling cards that are donated to our military personnel who are serving overseas. This allows them to be able to call home, without incurring the expense to do so. Each phone that is donated allows for about an hour of talk time. All six branches of the military are served (USAF, Army, National Guard, Navy, USMC, and Coast Guard).

This great charitable organization was created in 2004 by Brittney and Robbie Bergquist, a 13 year old girl and12 year old brother, who wanted to show their appreciation for the men and women who serve in the military overseas. They began with $21 of their own money and it has grown tremendously from there. To date, they have raised almost $1 million in donations and distributed over 400,000 pre-paid calling cards to troops overseas. If you would like to help out, but are not replacing your cell phone anytime soon, you may also make a cash donation. For more information, or to donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers, go to or simply click here.

*** Authors Note: If you too would like to spread the word about either of these organizations, whether on a blog, in a church, or any other type of medium, feel free to use any of the content contained here.


Joanne Sher said...

Have never heard of Cell Phones for Soldiers. What a NEAT program. Of course, I'm familiar with the first one ;) Thanks, hun!

Peculiar said...

Tracy, thank you. I can't wait to go to FaithWriters. I'm very interested in looking at that.

Giving back cell phones for recycling is a neat idea. We give ours to a local battered women's shelter. The company that picks up the cell phones do 2 things: they program the capable phones to dial out 911 and donate them back to the ladies for emergency purposes only and they give rebates to the shelter to be used toward necessary items for these women and their families. I love the idea.

I'm finally going to get the chance to go to the other award recipients' sites today. I've been really busy the last couple of days. I haven't even gotten to post on my own blog. You know how it is with other priorities though, I bet.

Have a good day.

The Surrendered Scribe said...

I can attest to the FW 500 membership. This really accelerated getting my name out there. I've received so much more in return, it truly is worth doing.

I didn't know about the cell phone program, and that a brother and sister started it? That's amazing. Thanks for letting us know about this!