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Tuesday, July 1

The 4th of July ~ A Tuesday Top 10

Here it is Tuesday afternoon, and I wanted to take a little break from all I’m doing. So just for fun, I’ve decided to do my very own Tuesday Top Ten. In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, here are my top 10 reasons to love this holiday. I hope you enjoy my list. Feel free to make your own list of 4th of July Top Ten and share them with your friends.

10) It’s the perfect day for hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, watermelon and root beer floats.

9) I know the days are getting shorter, so it gets cooler quicker in the evenings.

8) I enjoy our annual tradition of watching “The Patriot” on DVD.

7) It’s the day we celebrate our nation’s birthday ~ 232 years old this year.

6) I love the patriotic music I hear.

5) Throughout the world, our military is celebrating, wherever they may be.

4) I love watching fireworks (though here in AZ, we watch them on TV, staying in the cool comfort of air conditioning).

3) It is another opportunity to honor our military, veterans and heroes.

2) It’s a time to reflect on and be thankful for the freedom we have in this country.

1) It is reminder that the freedom we have here in America, is merely a model of the freedom we have in the Kingdom of God.