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Tuesday, November 25

Sick Little Sweet Pea

Hi Everyone! For the last few days, my little Sweet Pea has been fighting a fever. She seems to be on the road to getting better. We had pictures done on Saturday, and this one will show how she's been for the last three days. She's still awfully cute though! Blessings!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, I see why you call her Sweet Pea! OMG. So precious.

Jill said...

goodness tracy she is beautiful!

what a sweet, sweet face!

love and blessings - praying her well for the holiday!

Anonymous said...

How adorable is she! She looks like an angel (although as a mother of four I am sure she is not so "angelic" all of the time (LOL)! You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful sweet pea as she is!

Terri Tiffany said...

She is soooo sweet! Praying she improves for Thanksgiving!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Wow, I'll bet you NEVER get tired of looking at her. I pray she gets better very soon!

Nitewrit said...

She is very cute, although you can see she isn't feeling well. Hope she is all over what ever she had.

Larry E.

Josh said...

Cute is such an understatement. She is downright adorable. Just look at those eyes! :)

Lori said...

Hi Tracy,

How sweet! Does she feel better?