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Friday, November 7

Desperately Seeking Jasmine ~ Fiction Friday

It is time once again for Friday Fiction, this week hosted by Julie at her The Surrendered Scribe blog. This was another entry in the FaithWriters Weekly Challenge. It was inspired by my beloved Prissy, who died last Sunday morning. The story is fiction, but the spirit of the series of events is true. The topic had to do with Hide and Seek. If you would like to read more great fiction, or participate, please go to Fiction Friday. I hope you enjoy the story.


“When are you going out to get it?” asked Dave quietly, looking toward the garage door.

“In a minute. I just want to get everything prepared,” replied Sara. “I’ve got to make sure she doesn’t think something is up.”

“Huh, good luck with that!”

Sara looked around, got her things together and started toward the garage.

“Be quiet,” he reminded her as she walked out the door. A moment later, he heard the door start to open, then a thud with the sound of metal clanking together. He turned his head just in time to see a quick flash. The spot Jasmine had been sleeping was now vacant.

Sara came through the door. By the look on her face, he could tell she knew she was too loud.

“She ran?”

“Yep, I’m telling you, she’s got ESP!”

“Oh no, I’ve got to find her. They’ll kill me if I cancel again.” She groaned knowing this was not going to be easy.

They both walked slowly through the house, calling for Jasmine. When she didn’t appear, they tried bribery. This too failed. After 10 minutes they knew she had defeated them again. Sara walked to the phone, picked it up and dialed.

“Thanks for calling Callie’s Clippers, how can I help you?”

“Uh, hi Callie, this is Sara, and I was supposed to be bringing Jasmine in, but uh…”

“She got away from you again, didn’t she?” Callie was laughing as she said it.

“Yeah, I really thought I could get her this time, but she’s hiding and won’t come out. We even tried bribery with the goodies she loves, but it didn’t work. I’m really sorry.” Sara knew Callie would understand, but still she felt bad for once again taking time out of her schedule.

“Sara, I get it. Trust me, this happens all the time. It’s why I overbook. Sure sometimes everyone makes it when they’re supposed to, but not often. Do you want to set up another appointment? I have time on Friday.”

“I’ll take it. I just have to get her in.”

“Ok, we’re set. I’ve got you down for Friday morning at 8:30AM. And Sara, why don’t you try restraining her first, like putting her in the bathroom until you’re ready to go? That’s what some of my other clients do.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks again and we’ll see you on Friday.”

“What’s a great idea?” asked Dave

“Callie suggested we put her restrain her first, like put her in the bathroom, then get my stuff together.”

“Mmm, yeah, I think that might work. Where are you going?” Dave asked as she was heading back toward the garage.

“I have to put the carrier back” she said, then stopped abruptly. “Dave, come here, please.”

“What’s up?” he asked, while walking to where she stood.

Sitting there in front of the door to the garage was a very large, very furry, somewhat matted calico cat, with a twitching tail and a mischievous gleam in its eye.

“Do you ever feel like we’re being mocked?” Sara asked, as the laughter began to roll out.

© 2008 Tracy Keck


Julie Arduini said...

This is a story any pet lover can relate to. What a nice tribute to Prissy.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Great story, Tracy!

Vickie said...

Lovely story Tracy.


LauraLee Shaw said...

Good job. Cute ending!!!!

Patty Wysong said...

LoL--I think they do know!
Fun story!

Lynda Lee Schab said...

LOL...too funny!

Terri Tiffany said...

Love animals and any stories about them!

Joanne Sher said...

Very cute and fun! Love this.

Anonymous said...

this is very funny. You did a great job. Cat's do have a mind of their own.

Avily Jerome said...

Too cute, Tracy!

This story reminded me of when I was a kid and I had a pot-bellied pig.

She was SO smart, and SO stubborn!

She loved to go outside, and she was trained to go to the bathroom outside. We hung a bell by the door, and she would ring it when she wanted to go out.

Well, in the middle of winter, she'd still want to go play outside, and I didn't want to stand out there in the cold for hours on end, so I'd take her out, let her do her business, and bring her back in.

That wasn't good enough for her.

She'd stand and ring the bell, and if I didn't take her out, she'd pee on the floor! Even if she just went outside, she'd do it on the floor, just to be ornery!