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Tuesday, November 18

Journey Through the Land of NaNo

Hi Everyone! It is time once again to share my NaNoWriMo progress. Last week was actually quite productive (just don’t ask about the status of my house…) I’m pleased to announce that I am past the two-thirds mark and even ahead of schedule. Morgan (my MC) and I are having quite a journey together. I find myself amazed at the situations she has gotten herself into – despite my best of intentions. I’m really having a lot of fun doing this and am thrilled to be doing so well – my word count is now at 33,383, with twelve days left to finish.

However, I do miss reading and commenting on all the other amazing blogs I regularly check out. I will be back soon – I promise!


Joanne Sher said...

Good for you, Tracy! Plug away, dear!

Avily Jerome said...

You're doing great! Wish I could say the same.... I'm still trying to stick with it, though.

I'm glad Morgan is doing so well. Alainne is currently living a pretty boring, unproductive life. I actually ended up killing someone just to make it move a little bit. :)

Keep it up! And wish me luck!