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Wednesday, February 11

Ok, I'll Be Honest...

Ok, I’m going to play along again. I have been tagged with the Honest Scrap Award, by two very cool peeps, Billy Coffey (aka a Southern Gentleman and subtle fighter of liberal feminism) and KM Wilsher (aka gzusfreek, writer of Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy w/ a way awesome looking blog)! It’s been awhile, so I might be able to come up with 10 things about myself that you don’t already know or remember from previous about me posts. Of course there are a couple of rules to this.

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it honest (hence, the award 'Honest Scrap'), even if you have to dig deep.

B) Pass the award on to 8 bloggers that you feel embody the role of the Honest Scrap. (This is an award only to display on your blog that everything you write on it is in truth, sincerity, and integrity.) Special Note: I am cheating. Because most everyone I know has already been tagged, I’m not tagging anyone specifically, but am inviting anyone who is interested to play along.


1) When I was a sinning single gal, most of my home-cooked dinners consisted of red wine and popcorn. If it was the weekend, throw in some ice cream and a video.

2) I love, love, love going to the movies by myself. It’s the ultimate picker-upper for me.

3) I got my first grey hair while I was pregnant with Sweet Pea, at the tender age of 38. And I cried!

4) I’m seriously debating using a pen name, rather than my real name for all this writin’ I’m doing. I was thinking Paige Montgomery, but the amazing Michelle Sutton came up with Paige Turner (get it?)… Whatcha think?

5) I used to have a “either love me or hate me” personality with nothing in between. People either loved me or hated me. Seriously, I’ve really… matured.

6) I have never, ever, sent a text message. I wouldn’t even know how.

7) I was (gasp!) arrested when I was seventeen for underage drinking, and when the officer put me in handcuffs, he tore off one of my nails (literally).

8) I hate talking on the phone, traffic, accessorizing, high heels, hot temperatures, snakes, creepy crawly things, mushrooms and baseball.

9) I love animals, rain, wide open spaces, the color purple (not the movie – though that was good too) mountains, classic movies, Venti White Chocolate Mocha’s, and the ocean.

10) I consider chocolate to be the most important food group.

And as a bonus, here is an extra:

11) I want a new engagement. After waiting for what seemed like forever to get engaged (thank you, honey), my betrothement happiness ended abruptly when the very next day we Americans experienced the horror of Sept. 11, 2001. I really want a new engagement!


Avily Jerome said...

Hey cutie!

You got arrested! That's awesome! The most rebellious thing I ever did was sneak out and then lie about where we went when I got caught. :)

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Ha! That was fun and yes you have matured beautifully!

xoxo Jill

LauraLee Shaw said...

Great stuff!!!

Guess what? I love you.

gzusfreek said...

Whoo hoo, red wine and popcorn? arrested? chocolate? But you hate high heels? lol. . .let me know when the engagement party is, Paige Lucado! :)
Thanks for the nod-have a great day!

Travis said...

I'm not certain why, but this is really impressive. I suppose I never really considered you to be that...mysterious? You have a great testimony. I'll be proud to say I knew you when you went by the name Tracy.

I'm definately going to invite you to Oreganos the next time I'm in Phoenix. I think you'll have some great stories to tell.

Tracy said...

Avily - you crack me up! I never looked at my brush with the law as being awesome! I'm happy to inspire!

Jill - you are as sweet as a Cinnabon! Thank you for always encouraging me.

LauraLee - I love you too!

KM - Once again, you've made me laugh! Yep, I hate high heels! Always have. I would rather be in flip flops or boots (ropers specifically) any day!

Travis - Aawww shucks, I never aspired to be impressive - just honest and real. Yep, I have quite a history (you've no idea!) Oregano's it is! But no stories, can't let Reagan ever have any idea that Mommy was less than angelic! ;-)

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

On your #8 I'm the same: I hate high heels too, talking on the phone (especially while my kids are wanting my attention and the person on the other line just doesn't 'get it')

Also, on your #2....I could never do something like going to the movies alone.....I'm not brave enough.

The rest of the ones I think you listed are adorable, like the hot chocolate and #1. My weakness is actually ice cream. Chocolate chip at that.

Great list Tracy. It was fun to learn more about you! :D

Travis said...

Well, I'm a big fan of high heels. I know, I've been told they are miserable to wear, but they look great!