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Thursday, February 19

Nadya Suleman ~ Current Events Wrap Up

Ok, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means… It’s time for The Current Events Wrap Up meme, hosted by the amazing Julie Arduini at her The Surrendered Scribe blog. The Current Events Wrap Up meme is the vision God gave Julie for discussing what is going on in the world, nation and even our own lives. This is really a fantastic meme and we would love to see it grow. There is so much happening these days and it would be amazing to have a team of conservative commentators discussing their thoughts. Please go and check out Julie’s blog, and if you like current events or news, think about joining in and/or spreading the word!

Ok, this week is just a little different from the previous weeks. Julie has suggested a specific topic for this week’s discussion – Nadya Suleman and her situation. (Way to stir up the hornet’s nest, Julie! *wink*) There are lots of aspects to this that can be discussed and lots of opinions – passionate opinions. So without further ado, here is mine:

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who Nadya Suleman is, she is the 30-something year old single mom living in CA, who just gave birth to eight babies, in addition to the six she already has, all of whom were conceived through IVF. That’s right, a total of fourteen young children, ten of which are age two or under! Three of her previous children have been diagnosed with disabilities (autism, ADHD and a speech impediment, I believe), and she has been receiving disability payments for them along with food stamps. She does not however, consider this to be welfare, but rather “In her view these are just payments made for people with legitimate needs and are not, in her view, welfare. She just believes that there are programs for people with needs and she and her children qualify for some of them.” (Mike Furtney, her publicist said) Huh? Isn’t that what welfare is?

Personally, my opinion is that this woman is out of touch with reality. She just doesn’t get it. Her way of seeing things is just not real. She has said that she intends to go back to school in the fall, finish her degree and support these kids on her own. I’m not sure how she thinks she’s going to accomplish this, but ok. Another thing she has said is that she is providing for them by being available for them and loving them. That’s great, but hugs and kisses cannot nourish, clothe, bathe, teach, buy and change diapers and raise children.

As a woman who has first and second hand knowledge of the pain associated with fertility problems I understand the longing to have children. But part of being a parent, or good parent anyway, is being responsible and able. I’m not so sure that really describes Nadya. There is more to being a good parent than just desire and love.

Nadya states that for each IVF treatment, there were six eggs implanted. Four times that resulted in one child and one time it resulted in a set of twins. If this is true, then I’ll give her the benefit of doubt, that she had no idea that the result of the final IVF treatment would result in eight babies. While I’m not thrilled with all that has come to light in regards to the mother, these children need help. And to withhold help to the mother because she’s not liked will hurt the children far more than it will hurt Nadya. Science has allowed this to happen and I would like to see science help her raise them. What I mean by this, is the (wealthy) doctor who assisted in all of this, who is in part responsible for all of this, should be held responsible financially. In my humble opinion…

The thing that really gets me going about this though is not Nadya or any part of her actual situation. Once again I find myself muttering what the heck is wrong with people!? To hear of the death threats that Nadya, her family and the hired publicist have received is beyond ridiculous. It is a despicable sign of depths to which factions of society have fallen. Seriously, death threats? There are many people and situations I don’t approve of, but I don’t threaten them with death or harm. Once again, the depravity of fallen man has reared its ugly head. Now, in addition to requiring the necessity to meet the physical, emotional and mental needs of this family, there also appears to be a need to provide security for them.

I’m not thrilled with Nadya Suleman, or many of the choices she made (I do understand though her refusal to abort any unborn babies and applaud her for that). But she needs our help in multiple ways. If you would like to help financially, you can do so by going to her website at If you do not wish to, or are unable to help financially, please remember the family in your prayers. That is something we all can do.


Anonymous said...

I have heard just a bit about her, but really refuse to watch much about the situation.

I'm annoyed by it. All the attention given to her annoys me as well. Maybe I'm wrong to stick my head in the sand, but for me, ignorance is bliss in this situation.

The news, in general, has been hard for me to watch lately. I get so discouraged by it. I'd rather sink myself into a good novel or my own writing.

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

I just want to say that I too think the doctor should be held responsible in some way. Also how in the heck can she afford all those treatments?! If she can not afford a home big enough for all of them and from what I hear she is behind in the home they live in, where did those thousands for IV come from?!

The Surrendered Scribe said...

Great job, Tracy! Thanks for posting on this meme, and this topic. It does seem like there are a lot more questions than answers, but bottom line, the children need tangible things.

Thanks again!

Susan Storm Smith said...

I agree with "what was she thinking" and wrote a much longer post on Julie's blog about my thoughts. But do want to address the death threats to the public relations woman. The PR agency for Michael Jackson has come out and stated, so what, we get them for Michael Jackson routinely its par for the work we do. This PR woman for the Octomom knew she was taking on a powder keg and should have been prepared for it. That's her job.

To threaten the grandparents is beyond sick, to threaten that the kids should automatically be taken away is insane, but that is the world we live in.

And unfortunately I do believe she was expecting everyone to fall over themselves because she had 6 kids and now 8 more. This outcome was unfortunately not what she expected. I just feel so sorry for the kids that are caught in the middle of a horrible nightmare.

And yes, we should take whatsoever we have in our homes that we are not using to a woman's shelter, birthmom home, or Goodwill, somebody can use it.

I love these Thursday news junkie stuff!