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Friday, October 10

Tagged Again ~ 7 Random Facts About Me

Ok, I got tagged again for random facts about me. This time it was by Vickie at her great Writing While Walking blog, and it's for 7 random facts. I’m happy to share more. I will spare passing this on to specific people though, because I know I’ve pretty much gotten you all. :) If you do want to play again, just go ahead and grab it and continue on your blog. I hope this helps in knowing me a little bit better.

1) When I was 16, I won a stuffed seal, that I promptly named Sammy. From that time forward, until I got married at 33, I slept with Sammy every night. Sammy has traveled the world with me, gone on vacations with me, comforted me and been an all-around good friend for more than 20 years now. When I got married, Sammy moved to a place of honor in our bedroom and now only sleeps with me when Jeff or I are traveling and not together (which is rarely).

2) I didn’t fly on an airplane until I was 18 and going to Air Force boot camp. I didn’t get a driver’s license until I was 21.

3) I got saved at the age of 30 and was baptized on my 31st birthday. In a pool. Outside. At night. In December. (I really wanted to get baptized!)

4) I love, love, love Mexican food and could eat fresh, warm tortilla chips and fresh salsa nearly non-stop.

5) I don’t like to talk on the phone. I do it, but not a lot.

6) I really and truly enjoy going to the movies by myself. Always have. Me, a soda, a big bag of popcorn and a decent movie can make me nearly giddy with joy. I enjoy seeing movies with others (esp. the hubs) too, but nothing boosts me or relaxes me like a movie date with myself. It is my version of what some women seem to get out of bath time.

7) I love the Great American West. I love the vast and varied scenery, the history, the people, the laid-back nature, the wide open spaces, I love it all. I’ve been other places that have a lot to offer, and are quite beautiful too, but there’s just something really special to me, about the Great American West.

There, now you know 7 more random things about me. I’d love it if you were interested in playing along and wanted to share things about yourself, but as I said am not tagging anyone else, because I know I’ve pretty much tagged most (if not all) of you already. Blessings!


LauraLee Shaw said...

Wow, I hate to break it to you, but we're similar in a lot of ways. ;) I HATE to talk on the phone, except for when I reeeeeeally feel like it. I had a stuffed pig named pinky that I got in jr. high, and I was still sleeping with it when I got married, much to my husband's dissatisfaction. Now it's a body pillow that I snuggle, but I think he is a little more happy about that. I also like to go to the movies alone...with friends too, but alone is great too!

Vickie said...

Hey Tracy, those are 7 nice facts about you. Thank you for playing along.

You are one of a kind. There aren't many people who likes to go to the movies on their least not that I know of.....but you really seem to enjoy it. That's great.

I had a bad experience when I was a teenager going to the movies on my own so I prefer to go with someone else, but I am really impressed that you love going on your own.

Hurrah!!! for Sammy :):):)

Great post.


Terri Tiffany said...

you went to bootcamp!! Wow! Awesome that you could do that! And my daughter has Teddy that has travelled with her all over the world too! Now sits in their bedroom too:)
I've never gone to a movie alond--maybe I could now but I like company too much! (I talk alot!)