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Wednesday, October 8

A Dream Fulfilled ~ Word-Filled Wednesday

This is my contribution to the meme Word-Filled Wednesday. For more beautiful pictures with inspiring Scripture, please visit The 160 Acre Woods, home of WFW.

Have you ever had a dream that you held on to for what seems like forever? It can get to a point where it seems like it will never come true, and the loss can crush your spirit. And some dreams never do come true. How about the opposite? Have you ever had a dream that you’ve held on to and worked for, that finally did come true? Do you remember the elation it gave you? A dream that comes true propels you forward with a thrust of energy and life that few other things can compare to.

I’ve had both dreams that haven’t come true and dreams that have. In my life, I think the difference is simply aligning my dreams and desires for my life with the will of God and His purpose for my life. He created me for a specific purpose and designed certain traits, talents and characteristics to help me achieve that purpose. If the dream comes from Him, and I’m in agreement with, nothing can prevent it from coming true.

Don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop believing. Remember Mark 10:27 “All things are possible with God” and Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”


Laurie Ann said...

Right on target! I love it. "In my life, I think the difference is simply aligning my dreams and desires for my life with the will of God and His purpose for my life." When our dreams line up with His, we will never be disappointed. Happy WFW!

Stacy said...

Ohh that all of my dreams would be God's dreams for me! What a great reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and in His Word so that we can see and hear the dreams He has for each of us! This verse makes me think of Sarah and how she waited 25 years for the promised son, Isaac. 25 years...but God is faithful and when He promises He will bring it to fruition in His timing. Have a blessed day!

Kasie West said...

Sometimes its hard to say "Thy will be done" and mean it. But I find that when I do His plan is always bigger and better than anything I ever dreamed about. Thanks for the thought. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Terri Tiffany said...

Terrific devotional! You said it-- if God dreams it for us, it will happen!

Joanne Sher said...

Such truth here, Tracey. Those dreams are so important, and aligning them with the Lord's will can make all the difference!

Willow said...

This is beautiful and I agree -- the key is making sure that your dreams are the same as God's purpose for your life.

Your blog is beautiful and I have to say that I spent a LOT of time reading your 100 verses. I'm finding that I'm not as well-versed (pardon the pun!) in the Bible as I thought I was and I'll be back to reread those and read the chapters and verses surrounding them.

God bless!

Lori said...

Everything changes when you say..."Ya know God, this is what I want, but I want want you want~no matter what."

Yes, if we delight ourselves in the Lord, and make His Kingdom first, God will meet the desires of our hearts...but in His time. Knowing that makes all the difference. Great post`full of wisdom and truth!
God bless you Tracy!!

Denise said...

A great big amen sweetie.

Michele Williams said...

Love it... Thank you for sharing this great post.

AnooCre8ion said...

It does make a difference when we line our wills and our desires with those of God doesn't it.

Great post Tracy. I am still dreaming and praying but I am resting in His perfect will.

Also wanted to let you know you've been tagged. No problem if you've been tagged already. Stop by my blog when you get a chance.


Tamela's Place said...

Amen! I have had dreams come true and some that haven't. But I will Keep hanging on and hoping that in His perfect timing He will bring others to pass.. If i am not praying in accordance with His will i ask Him to reveal that to me so that i may know. His will is what is best for me and not my own.. Your Kingdom come and your will be done in me... Thanks for sharing Tracy.. God bless you!

DeeDee said...

Love your WFW post.
His plans for our lives.

Thanks for sharing
Sweet Blessings,