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Friday, August 1

It's Too Late ~ Fiction Friday

It is time once again for Friday Fiction, hosted by Patty at her Patterings blog. This was another early entry in the FaithWriters Weekly Challenge. If you would like to read more great fiction, or participate, please go to Friday Fiction. I hope you enjoy the story.


“It’s too late. I always thought I’d have more time. I didn’t realize how precious it was, till now. It’s so easy to spend, fill and waste, but it’s limited. I never realized that”, Abigail said to her sister Alanna on the phone. She was completely stunned as she sat there looking out the window of her tiny apartment. There was so much yet that she wanted to do. To do, not accomplish or excel at, but do. “I want to get married, have a family, travel, learn to dance and go skydiving, I want to… There’s just so much!” she cried into the phone, tears falling down her face.

Alanna was equally stunned. “Are you sure? I mean doctors can make mistakes, have you gotten a second opinion?” She was trying to control the fear and trembling she felt.

“Yes, a second and a third. They all say the same thing – six months at best. Of course we can pray, but I’ve been doing that all along and I still got the same prognosis. I just want more time! I’ve been working so hard to get where I am. I wanted to be the youngest woman to make partner. I’ve given up so much to achieve that. Oh sure, the money is great, but I just never realized the cost. I haven’t dated, traveled, bought a home, or anything else I wanted to do. I don’t even own a cat, for pity’s sake! I just thought I’d have more time!”

“Abigail, I don’t know what to say! How can this be happening? How can I lose my sister?” Alanna was openly crying now, overwhelmed by the sorrow she felt. I have to get control of myself and be strong for Abby, she thought. “What can I do for you? I mean of course I’ll pray, but is there anything else I can do to help? I love you and I’ll do anything for you,” she said, taking a big breath.

“I don’t know. I’m leaving the firm immediately. Money’s not an object, that’s the one thing I have plenty of. I guess now it’s just a matter of time. Time, there’s that word again! I’m through waiting! Doesn’t the Bible say something about ‘redeem the time’? Well, I’m not going to just lie down and feel sorry for myself and wait for the end. I may not have long to live, but I will LIVE the time that I have! I know I’m ready to meet my Savior, but I’m not ready to leave this life, to leave you and mom and dad. Oh, I can’t bear telling them!”

“When are you going to tell them?” asked Alanna, still trying to control her tears. “I wish I were closer so I could be with you. I wish I could spend more time with you.”

“I need to tell them right away. This is going to hurt them so badly. They’re going to need to lean on you. Help them to see that God has a plan. And Alanna, I need you. I’m going to start living before I die. Will you join me? I have plenty of money to pay for both of us, but I want to do things and go places. I’m sure Steven won’t mind. Can we go away for a while? Just the two of us?”

“Oh Abby, I wish I could. It’s not Steven, of course he wouldn’t mind. It’s just I can’t leave the ministry. This place would really fall apart without me. I can only get away for a week or so. But you can come here and visit me and we can spend time together when I’m not working. Besides you should rest now. Keep your strength up, so that you’ll have more time with us. Please understand.”

“Of course. I have to call Mom and Dad.” Abigail responded, hanging up. She realized Alanna’s work in the ministry was just like her work at the firm – all-consuming. She never took time away from it to actually enjoy the life God had given her. Sadly, Abigail prayed, Oh Lord, help her to see that there is so much more to life than work, even if that work is for You. Help her to realize that her time here is limited and You came to give us life more abundantly, not just work. Open her eyes Lord, so she doesn’t make the same mistake I did.


Scarlet Carter(S.Harricharan) said...

This is almost like a sisterchick novel. I was really hoping that these two sisters could get together and go away for a few months. Great job and good emotions here! btw-do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

The Surrendered Scribe said...

This one could so easily be expanded, and I want it to so I know what happens next! This brought me right into the circumstances, I enjoyed it very much!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and things you do for me. I really am blessed by your friendship!

Darlene said...

This is good. I was captured from the beginning. I enjoyed it!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tamela's Place said...

I enjoy reading the stories you write. They speak so much truths that we all could learn. Amen! and God bless you!

Spring said...

I really liked this! I want more! :) That last paragraph really made me think too...we need to remember that sometimes we get consumed in working FOR God but don't find time to KNOW and spend time with Him. And, as you so elequently put, with our families.