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Wednesday, May 14

10 Reasons Why I Blog

Ok, so it had to happen. My friend Josh tagged me for giving the top 10 reasons why I blog. Here they are...

10 ~ God told me to (or maybe that was the other voices in my head, hmmm…)

9 ~ I use up some of my 20,000+ words each day, so I don’t have to use them all on Jeff when he gets home :)

8 ~ It’s Mommy time (WhoHooo)

7 ~ My blog doesn’t argue with me (maybe this should be #1)

6 ~ It's fun (I'm easily entertained)

5 ~ It’s kind of like having “adult” conversation (I can use big words)

4 ~ I have a lot to say (Jeff would agree)

3 ~ I get to sharpen my writing skills (sharpening is good, huh?)

2 ~ I love it (again, I'm easily entertained)

1 ~ I learn from it and grow closer to God, because He speaks to me through it (what more can I say about that?)


Patty Wysong said...

LoL--I love these, Tracy! And I can soooo relate! *grin*

Thank you so much for your comment on 'My Other Boys'! Time does help heal wounds, but so does writing about them. Feel free to link to my blog, (however you do it!! LoL--I've got sooooo much to learn!) whenever you would like to.

Hugs and blesings!