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Thursday, April 16

I Might Be A Terrorist ~ Current Events Wrap Up

Ok, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means… It’s time for The Current Events Wrap Up meme, hosted by the amazing Julie Arduini at her The Surrendered Scribe blog. The Current Events Wrap Up meme is the vision God gave Julie for discussing what is going on in the world, nation and even our own lives. There is so much happening these days and it would be amazing to have a team of conservative commentators discussing their thoughts. Please go and check out Julie’s blog, and if you like current events or news, think about joining in and/or spreading the word!


As I pondered what to post this week, there was one story I knew I wouldn’t talk about (besides this). The horrific rape and murder of an eight year old girl, Sandra Cantu, by the mother of her playmate, who also happened to be a Sunday School teacher. I truly am showing the greatest of restraint in refraining from commenting further, because this is a family-type, Christian-oriented blog, and there is no way my flesh, tongue, or writing would be controlled if I went any further with this.

What I have chosen to write about this week is this:

Yep, you read it right, I might be a terrorist. Of course, you might be too if you’re reading this. See birds of a feather tend to flock together and well, it seems that many of you are similar to me. According to a recent Homeland Security report, you might be a terrorist threat if:

~ You are against abortion.
~ You are concerned about illegal immigration.
~ You believe taxes should be fair and limited.
~ You believe in the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
~ You are a returning war veteran.
~ You have lost a job due to the economic crisis.
~ And while it’s not mentioned in the report, you might as well add follower of Jesus too!

Do any of the above qualifications fit you? Well then congratulations! The Dept. of Homeland Security has targeted us as potential terrorists because we won’t drink the cool-aid. Because we don’t blindly follow, and worship, the one, we are singled out as possible terrorists. Rather than focus on actual terrorists to keep America safe, the DHS (under the leadership of former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano) would prefer to try to take down, suppress or stifle the patriots of our country and thus divide the nation. (For the whole story, click here.) Just this morning, after much outcry from us terrorists, Ms. Napolitano has apologized for including returning war veterans. (For that story, click here.)

“Any kingdom that is divided against itself is being brought to destruction and laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will last or continue to stand.” ~ Matt. 12:25


Avily Jerome said...

Excellent. Glad to be in good company with my potentially terroristic ways.

Nitewrit said...


It was bad enough I found out I was considered a potential terrorist threat (unlike Somalian pirates who are just shrew businessmen), but it really angered me to have my daughter included because she is a returning war vet. (She served in Iraq as well as with the Joint Task Force Against terrorism in the Horn of Africa - she was stationed not far from the Somalian border, by the way.) It is further concern that for all this President and his parties criticism of the Patriot Act and the wire tapping, they have not don't away with either.

Larry E.

Billy Coffey said...

I've been called a lot of things in my life, but this is the first time I've been called a terrorist.

I'm still trying to get all of this straight.

When I supported the government last year, everyone told me that PROTESTING the government was a patriotic act. So I'm protesting this year, and now I'm told that SUPPORTING the government is a patriotic act.

What's changed in the last four months or so?

Oh. Wait...

Anonymous said...

Ditto, that Billy. I've never been called a terrorist either.


Nice post, Tracy.

Liz Blalock said...

Tracy, thanks for being faithful in getting the word out. Our government policies are changing daily and it is comforting to know that women are being faithful to preach the word and hold everything up to the truth. I am currently doing a series titled, Culture Watch. This post inspired me to stay the course and cling to truth.

Darlene said...

Have not heard about this. I guess that old saying is right ...Birds of a feather do flock together. At least we have God on our side!
Have a fabulous weekend!

The Surrendered Scribe said...

Oh Tracy, excellent. I'm with you, might as well add that label to everything else I'm called that goes under the umbrella of Christian!