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Wednesday, March 11

The Truman Doctrine ~ All About America

Anyone who really knows me, understands that I am a passionate patriot. I love America immensely. It offers freedom, hope and opportunity like no other country in the world. As such, I will be posting All About America every Wednesday, because I am proud to be an American! The content will vary and may include photos, facts, commentary, quotes, excerpts of speeches, etc. I will use different sources and make every attempt to site the source. Sometimes I may offer commentary, other times if I think the content speaks for itself, I may not. I hope you enjoy All About America as much as I do, and that you’ll come back and visit often. And may God Bless America!


In 1947, Greece and Turkey were faced with Communist-led rebels who were determined to overthrow their governments. U.S. President Harry Truman vowed to support Greece and Turkey, by offering funds and advisors to the two vulnerable nations. He went before Congress on March 12, 1947, to request $400 million to help. The president laid out a policy that became known as the Truman Doctrine – a pledge that the United States would help nations struggling to resist anti-democratic forces. Truman’s words still resonate, and are still important. It’s amazing, how much his words of yesterday, still apply today.

At the present moment in world history nearly every nation must choose between alternative ways of life. The choice is too often not a free one.

One way of life is based upon the will of the majority, and is distinguished by free institutions, representative government, free elections, guarantees of individual liberty, freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from political oppression.

The second way of life is based upon the will of a minority forcibly imposed upon the majority. It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio, fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms.

I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures. . .

The seeds of totalitarian regimes are nurtured by misery and want. They spread and grow in the evil soil of poverty and strife. They reach their full growth when the hope of a people for a better life has died. We must keep that hope alive.

If we falter in our leadership, we may endanger the peace of the world – and we shall surely endanger the welfare of our own nation.


Avily Jerome said...

Thanks for that post, Tracy!

Perhaps if we focus on the good this country has done, and try to replicate it, we will not sink so quickly into degredation, as I fear we are doing.

Travis said...

I'm so hungry to see that kind of leadership in American again.

I really miss Reagan!

Terri Tiffany said...

Great post! I know little of politics but find as I age--I can't help but learn. Or should!